Raccoon Damage on Roof
Raccoon Damage on Roof

Raccoons in Walls

In Chattanooga, we receive calls frequently from people describing loud noises on the walls of their homes. These noises can be caused by a number of animals but if it sounds like it is from a larger animal, it is likely a raccoon. The question most homeowners have next is “how did a raccoon get into the wall?

The most common ways are through the attic or the crawlspace. It can be a very difficult task to find the entry point for anyone untrained. Our team knows exactly what to look for so the unwanted creatures are trapped or removed quickly and entrances are sealed before any more can get into the wall. You should remember to wait for a professional to remove the animal, do not try on your own.

Raccoons are aggressive and strong, especially when they feel threatened. Attempting to capture one on your own can be dangerous, not to mention the mess you could make removing parts of the wall. Don’t worry, it is very unlikely that the raccoon will get out of the wall on its own and get into your interior rooms. Schedule an appointment when you hear the first sign of this problem.

Damage from Raccoons Trapped in Walls

If a raccoon gets into your wall they most likely got there from the attic or the crawlspace. Small animals can fall in between walls when moving through an attic. They can easily fall between walls left open at the top and get stuck. They can also crawl up in between them from under the home. There are wires and plumbing to consider in between the walls that can be hurt by any animal stuck in the space. As they try to get out wiring can be pulled or even chewed. They may also be very noisy.

In some cases the process of getting them out of the wall may require cutting into the drywall. You will not want to open up the wall yourself for several reasons. There are electrical wires and possibly plumbing. Cutting through either of them is not a good idea. Also, you can’t be sure what animal is in the wall so setting it free could be very dangerous. We can make precise cuts in drywall if necessary and repair it after the animal is removed. If not removed, they can create waste that will stain your walls and cause foul odors.

Call us if you think you have an animal in your wall. We will come evaluate the situation and use our years of experience to handle the situation in the safest way.

Dead Raccoons in Walls

If left inside the wall for a long period of time the raccoon could die. There are no food or water sources for them in the wall and they may be stuck or unable to find their way out. If a raccoon dies in the wall there will be odor from it that can come into your home. This odor will not be pleasant. The best way to deal with a dead animal in the wall is to call in a professional. These animals carry diseases and need to be handled and disposed of safely. The area will need to be cleaned and deodorized and repairs will need to be made. We can complete all of this for you. Give us a call to schedule an inspection, we are here to help.